Settling disputes through traditional channels can be expensive and time consuming. With alternative dispute resolution (ADR), disagreeing parties have the flexibility of choosing an experienced neutral to mediate or arbitrate their disputes with the benefit of keeping their resolutions confidential. Oftentimes, such disputes are settled quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively—without the need for traditional court based litigation.

During my 16 years as a Case Management Master and over 30 years as a litigator, I have heard thousands of motions in civil actions and construction lien actions, held numerous pre-trials and settlement conferences, conducted over 400 construction lien references involving over 2,000 claims for lien, and as counsel tried a wide range of cases at all levels of court.

My extensive experience allows me to bring a unique perspective to dispute resolution, the benefits of which include:

  • Lowering costs
  • Improving potential for settlement
  • Providing a flexible resolution procedure determined by the disputing parties
  • Choosing a neutral third party who has experience in the area of the subject matter of the dispute
  • Circumventing lengthy delays in having motions heard or getting to trial (especially in Toronto, and Central East regions)
  • Decreasing procedural complexity and increasing confidentiality
  • Achieving practical solutions with durable resolutions


Whether you are looking for a professional mediator, arbitrator, referee, or neutral, or would like to learn more about the dispute resolution services I can provide, I am available to answer your questions.